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It’s obvious that SEO is an essential part of online marketing. Everyone wants their site to appear first in search results. There is certainly a lot that can be done in this regard with your site as well.

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych


Site audits

In terms of SEO,

content and images

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website optimization

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Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

I have a website,

but something doesn't work properly

Because no one is visiting it.

If we take care of its proper optimization, that is, indicate to the search engine what issues the site responds to, what your customers will find on it will be better ranked and easier to find. In the next stage, it remains us to leave links to it wherever it is worth showing up to customers – on Google maps, on social media, through advertising articles or marketing campaigns. If you want better visibility than your competitors – we will be happy to suggest what you can do better and suggest appropriate actions.

Did you find your site

In the search engine?

Just do they know what to enter? The tests here are quite simple, we turn on Google and see the results right away. If you only see your competitors’ sites after typing in the issues from your offer, there is still a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately, nothing will happen here on its own, and you need to systematically make sure that your company is credible not only to customers but also to the search engine itself. It may sound a bit abstract, but that’s how it works, and if your competitors are ranked higher than you in the search engine, it means they already know it and are constantly working on it.

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

Do you want to reach more customers with your website?

Websites SEO

We will carry out monthly activities that will make your website easy to find in the search engine, which will translate into the effectiveness of your business.


If you don’t know if your site is perfect, or how to improve it, feel free to ask us. We will suggest what is wright and what is worth working on, which elements needs to rebuild and which to develop.

Search engine optimization

The Internet is a collection of everything, it’s important that your website or online store displays where it should – we know how to describe it, so it’s in the right drawer of the web.

Local SEO and Google My Business

Local marketing can really make a big difference, it’s worth showing up for people in the area who want to use services of a company like yours. We’ll help you set up your business, profile on Google to get the most out of it, and if you already have one, we’ll optimize it accordingly.