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Social media

Unfortunately, this is usually not enough. We have a solution for this – and you’ll save your time and won’t have to follow current trends that change like the latest technology. Let yourself be guided.

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corporate audits

on Facebook

and Instagram

Creating strategies

and profile schedule

on Facebook

and Instagram

Setting up from scratch,


and running

company profiles

Text creation

and graphics for profiles,

posts and reels

Advertising campaigns


Marketing internetowy Koncept 404

What is difficult

In social media?

Almost everyone today has

Facebook account

But does having our own private account immediately mean we’ll do a great job running a company channel? Not really. Everything is governed by different laws here, it’s constantly changing, and in order to stay up to date, you need to follow new trends and keep up with the changing algorithms.


What is it

and what for?

All the ideas gathered into one, organized, arranged and laid out. It’s a good idea to start with what you want to give your customers, how you want to present yourself, and stick to that with every action. Social networks are an opportunity to be closer to the customer, but you have to be vigilant not to scare them away, however. Thoughtfully designed and allowing you to achieve your goals – this is your recipe for interesting, eagerly visited company social media accounts.

Tworzenie stron internetowych

We'll give you tips on how to be a professional in social media

Audits of accounts on FB and Instagram

We will indicate what is worth changing, where there are mistakes, and what is worth developing.

Creating a company profile strategy

We prepare a plan on how, how often and what to write about to your social media audience.

Setting up and configuring a company profile

If you don’t exist on social media yet, we’ll be happy to introduce you, and if you just don’t feel up to it or lack the time to maintain company accounts – feel free to outsource it to us.

Create content for social media profiles

Encouraging texts, graphics that attract readers’ attention and consistent with your brand branding – we know how to do it perfectly.

Advertising campaigns

We configure the display of ads in an optimal state according to the specified budget, prepare dedicated graphics and texts.