Setting up domain and hosting moving data from server to server

Domain and hosting

And of course, you don’t need to know that. At least no more than necessary – we will be happy to explain to you what and how and take care of their configuration. If these concepts are not alien to you – you will certainly appreciate how much we can do for you in this topic.

Kodowanie stron internetowych

Domain configurations

and hosting

Tworzenie stron internetowych

Moving the site

on another server

Setup and configuration



Domain selection,

domain search

with history, auctions

Tworzenie stron internetowych

Do I even need to

get a handle on it?

This is the basis for being able to log into your account and get to the site’s resources. Annual payment for each of these services is also the responsibility of the domain and hosting owner. It is better not to leave it to the last minute. You can outsource everything else – configuration and operation – to professionals.

I already have hosting, but

I'm not satisfied with it.

What to do?

You should be able to move with all of your online output to a new high-speed server without too much trouble. Many times this decision is also influenced by the attractive price of new hosting. Any argument is good to change services for the better, we will be happy to help you.

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What services can we offer you?

Hosting and domain configuration

We will help you locate the site on your hosting or suggest the right one for your needs. We will hook up your domain to the site, so that it becomes part of the Internet and everyone can come to it.

Configuration of email boxes associated with the domain

An email address with your domain name? Of course, we have one: We can set you up too, even a few.

Selecting the best domain for you

Need a good domain with a valuable history and a specific age? We can find you one and auction it off.