Removing malware from a website | Concept 404

Web emergency service

If something breaks – you need to act decisively. We are always on standby, ready to fix any errors on your site.

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Bug fixes

on the website







Tworzenie stron internetowych

How will I know

if my website is

attacked by wiruses?

Such cases are rather standard symptoms, but anything that you think is suspicious on the site and that was created there without interference from those with access to it, is worth checking. Time is of the essence here, the sooner we make a diagnosis, the better chance we have of removing infected files and keeping the site unharmed.

How to protect the site

against malicious


Several treatments can be applied that will certainly reduce the chance of infection. It is worth regularly updating the software on the site, all plug-ins, the system and the theme. You can also upload a plug-in that blocks the actions of unwanted robots on the site. However, if despite these precautions, the site starts to break down for us – let’s try to recover it from a backup.

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

You can count on us, in an emergency.

Fixing errors on the website

Update or plugin messed up something on the site or there is something wrong in the code? We will look for the cause and offer a solution.

Malware removal

Viruses attacked your site and it stopped working, or your hosting provider sends you notifications about a malicious piece of code? We know the solutions for this.

Restore backups

If possible, we will restore the last saved version of the page. If you fail – we will tell you what are the possibilities.